About Oxsilive Group

Protecting your environment

The Oxsilive Group was founded in 2013 and consists of Tevan BV in the Netherlands and Herli SAS in France. We manufacture detergents and disinfectants with European homologation and specific certifications and approvals to fulfill the highest demands needed in any area of work. We have many different products suitable for many different sectors. This is how we help you to protect your environment.

Oxsilive Group

Our group was founded in 2013, by people who believed that the future of humanity and the future of our planet were closely linked to two essential elements:

  • Safe drinking water for everyone
  • The effective and eco-responsible disinfection of our environment

To achieve these two goals, Oxsilive Group acquired Herli in 2014, then Tevan at the end of 2015. Tevan and Herli are two companies that have been specialized in these particular fields for several years.

What Oxsilive Group does

Oxsilive Group focuses on the research and the development of ultra-efficient and fully biodegradable cleaning and disinfection products.

We have developed Oxsilive and the Panox products, which are cleaning products and disinfectants based on a clever mixture of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and a small amount of peracetic acid. After use, the only residues are water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide

The solutions developed can be used in various sectors, such as:

  • The drinking water industry

  • The medical environment

  • The veterinary environment

  • Sports and leisure

  • The hotel and food industry

  • Businesses and agribusiness

Our goals