Oxsilive Group

Protecting your environment

The future of Oxsilive Group

In 2017 we submitted a European dossier with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for our Panox product family. With this, we want to make our disinfectants available in every European country.

This helps us with our focus on ecologically safe cleaning and disinfecting. We want to make safe drinking water and a hygienic and safe environment the standard throughout Europe. With our companies, Tevan and Herli, we help you with protecting your environment

Disinfecting against COVID-19

What is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is the cause of the disease COVID-19. This is not always immediately recognized because the early symptoms are very similar to a cold. However, COVID-19 can cause severe pneumonia, which can eventually be fatal. Do you have COVID-19 in your organization? Disinfect all surfaces and spaces with a biocide approved by an official institution like ECHA, which is the only way to kill coronavirus.

Panox disinfectants against coronavirus

Not all disinfectants are effective against the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is therefore important that you use a disinfectant with a legal virus claim to fight the coronavirus. Our Panox disinfectants have a proven effect against all kinds of bacteria, fungi and viruses. This also includes the coronavirus. You can therefore safely use our disinfectants for disinfecting all your water-resistant surfaces.